Women's Connective gatherings are not like the traditional "networking" gigs that grace our region. We create events that are uniquely designed to spark and nurture the most authentic relationships. We believe it is relationship building that best enhances our personal lives and grows our professional network. 

Each Women's Connective event features:
  • a guest speaker to equip you with an important tool or resource for your life or business
  • an opportunity to introduce yourself or make an important ask...from "I am new in town - I want friends!" to "My business is launching - can anyone recommend a virtual assistant?" 
  • our version of "speed-dating" to break the ice so you can make valuable new connections
  • a comfy living room atmosphere with girlfriends where you can find a deep sense of belonging and a supportive community dedicated to YOUR success.
  • tasty treats and sips from other women-owned businesses and luxe gifts from our Women's Connective members and sponsors.

We meet monthly in the Greater Folsom region - often around the Historic District. 

Supporting one another in life and business through relationships...that's what the Women's Connective is all about. 

If this resonates with you, come join us!

Become one of our luxe gift sponsors! This gains you extra exposure at the event as you provide a generous offering and share about your business at the same time. We have had gifts ranging from bath salts and gourmet cookies for each person...to donated event tickets, workshops, memberships, or gift certificates for the lucky winners of our raffle.
Gift sponsors are also featured again in our follow-up newsletter to all WCG subscribers and attendees, past and present. Interested? Simply fill out the Collaborator Information Form.

Want to promote your business?

I’ll be in touch soon to let you know about ticket sales -I look forward to seeing you at the Harris Center

P.S. If you're looking for a place to begin your mindset work, then I invite you to join me over at the Listen For REAL podcast, where I show up weekly to have candid conversations with guests. 

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Professional photo credits to Britt Honey Photography