Get the Complimentary REAL Framework - Four Keys to Speaking with Authenticity and Power

Can you relate? 

If you feel like your best ideas are bursting inside you, or that the words disappear when you need them most, or you’re afraid of what others will think if you speak your truth...we need to talk.

Life is short; our messages and revolutionary ideas are too important to leave unexpressed.

I used to silence my authentic voice to keep my words palatable for others.

This disloyalty to myself didn't keep peace, it made matters worse.

I was constantly people-pleasing or falling into “performance mode” – letting my most valuable insights and feelings go unsaid. I felt depleted and out of alignment.

I’m Jen Oliver, a speaking coach who helps women ditch the perfectly curated “good girl” act and speak from a space of authenticity and power – in any situation.

My approach is highly connective, collaborative, and custom to you. I teach you how to communicate REAL – in a way that is Relational, Engaging, Authentic, and Life-Altering.

My coaching goes beyond the stage and accolades. Our work together will equip you with tools to speak with impact in any aspect of your life – whether that is a high-stakes talk or an important conversation with your partner.

Your voice can change the world – it’s time to embrace your power.

We live in a day and age where too many are afraid to speak honestly. Instead, they relate in performative ways – and sacrifice parts of themselves in the process.

My work will change that! It’s time to get REAL and speak wholly, in your truest voice so that your words are fully expressed and heard.

Just imagine never being at a loss for words again, using your anxious energy as momentum and presence, and feeling natural confidence that flows from body to soul every time you speak. 

I can show you how.

Speaking Authentically is Freedom

Jen is a master at creating and holding space for women. Join her relational group experiences where every person is seen, heard, known, and valued. Emerge feeling equipped and transformed!

Events / Retreats

Enhance your natural speaking style while eliminating that which hinders your message. Jen puts you at ease with personalized coaching instead of the typical, formulaic methods. 

Coaching (1:1)

Bring your body and soul into your speaking, not just your mind and intellect. Surround yourself with women who value truth and vulnerability in community.

WomanSpeak™ Workshops