Get the Complimentary REAL Framework - Four Keys to Speaking with Authenticity and Power

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Your voice changes things.

You feel called to use your success, wisdom and influence for bigger impact. 

You have a platform. And, you have a voice. How are you using them?

I am here to make sure your voice feels true and delivers the kind of transformation you want to bring into the world. 

It’s time to speak from a whole new space of REAL vulnerability, presence, and conviction. These qualities combine to fuel the kind of speaking that inspires change and calls others to the things that matter.

I’m Jen - a speaker, writer, and coach committed to elevating and amplifying voices that need to be heard. I believe communication should be REAL: relational, engaging, authentic and

I work with successful women who want to uplevel their speaking to match their platform of influence – women determined to use their
visibility to create impact. 

I am a master at facilitating and holding space for transformational sisterhood. 

I want to help you to claim your deepest confidence and refine the details that take your speaking from good to great. You can feel prepared for everything from keynote talks and TEDx stages, to panels and podcasting. 

Let’s talk about what matters to you and how we can team up. 

About Jen

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What you say matters.

“I am constantly asked to speak or interview – but I hesitate because I can’t stand battling the anxiety and nerves that come up.” - J.B.

Let’s remove the barriers that prevent you from speaking to your full potential…do you resonate with these former clients?

It is time to shed those last vestiges of fear around your speaking.

This is the year that you own your voice and let go of the old ways you
were trained to speak. 

Goodbye to the voices of yesterday. 

Hello to a woman who speaks with strength, grace, groundedness, magnetism - IMPACT.

“I KNOW my story is needed and can change the landscape - but how do I
share personally when I am such a visible figure in my industry?” - M.P.

“Here’s the thing, I have achieved A LOT and I feel crazy fortunate for my company’s success - but people think that makes me a keynote speaker…and I am not! I wish I felt more comfortable speaking to groups like that.” - M.V.

“I am tired of performing and pleasing and saying what I believe people expect of me.” -K.S.

“I am a creator - I am an entrepreneur - I am an artist. Speaking is not my thing - and yet, I have good $%# to say!” - G.H.


I will help you to: 

Dismantle old voices and narratives.

Feel safe and grounded in your body - learn to partner with “nervous” energy for impact when you speak.

Be prepared to share your message in a variety of formats.

Feel confident and competent - speaking with intention replaces incessant mental chatter.

Nail your next podcast.

Clarify your message and delivery for any onstage appearance.

I have done this myself and coached many people like you who grew tired of doubting the power of their own voice.

Join us…

Take your speaking to the next level within an exclusive cohort that features both group engagement and private professional coaching.

Expose yourself to the collective brainstorming, creative help and meaningful feedback that refines your message for any upcoming speaking engagements. 

This is the personalized, sisterhood that so many of us crave; a container where the energy and vibe stand in support of the impact you are determined to make.

Here's what you get:

A live, 90-day speaking program that goes beyond professional coaching. 

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High-touch VIP 


1:1 Private coaching (on zoom) - 12 sessions to tackle your personal needs, talks, high-stakes engagements

VIP Group coaching (on zoom) - 8 sessions in small group setting with upper echelon women like yourself

Mobile and email access to Jen

Podcast/Panel/Summit speaker training to
maximize your guest appearances

Custom Curriculum - Tools for immediate use

Follow up 1:1 coaching - 2 sessions

Special Event inclusion - Women of Influence speaker

Podcast episode recording - Includes option to be tagged, promoted and given ad content

Private Event 1-day retreat @ Grand Reserve Inn

Total Investment $7000 or
12 monthly payments of $598

1:1 Private coaching (on zoom) - 6 sessions to tackle your personal needs, talks, high-stakes engagements

VIP Group coaching (on zoom) - 8 sessions in small group setting with upper echelon women like yourself

Mobile and email access to Jen

Podcast/Panel/Summit speaker training to
maximize your guest appearances

Custom Curriculum - Tools for immediate use

Follow up 1:1 coaching - 2 sessions

Total Investment $4500 or
12 monthly payments of $398

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The Impact Speaker coaching package is different and effective:

I am a master at creating connective incubators of sisterhood in a private, confidential group. You will join other growth-minded leaders determined to uplevel their truest voice for maximum influence.

  • Group Coaching - where personal coaching gets REAL. Ask questions, flesh out concerns, and receive meaningful feedback in a mastermind environment.

  • Weekly, private coaching sessions for your personal needs and projects.

  • Email, call, or text with direct access to me throughout the program.

  • The Women of Influence speaking experience and retreat. Test your content, speak in a luxury setting, and emerge nourished. PLUS, you will be provided with A/V footage perfect for your own social promotions, media kit, sizzle reel, etc. (exclusive to High-touch VIP)

  • Invitation as a featured guest on my podcast; you talking REAL about topics you want to put your name behind. A prime opportunity to improve your skill set while creating another asset for your media kit. (exclusive to High-touch VIP)

I am so confident this will improve your speaking, that I will personally refund you if you're not fully satisfied at the completion of this program.

Just ask these powerhouse women…

“Working with Jen helped me to deliver an emotionally powerful talk that had all the key elements, without getting lost in the overwhelm of the details and the need to recount every single thing. She guided me consistently and enthusiastically towards balancing what I wanted to share, and what the gift to the audience would be, and gave me tools to help tackle the inevitable fear and self-doubt that started to creep in. Jen taught me how to truly embody, own and deliver my story in the most powerful way I could. I will be forever grateful for her wisdom and love.”

Creative | DEAI-Focused Manager | Podcast Host & Speaker 

"I am already seen as a strong and experienced speaker - but collaborating with Jen helped me tap into something deeper. I am now able to speak more vulnerably whether I’m sharing my personal story or taking a stand for heart led values. My words need to disrupt and transform the world with grit and grace - and Jen was an indispensable coach in that regard..."    

Speaker and Founder | CEO of Teneral Cellars

If you are called to speak  – you don’t have to do it alone. Allow me to be your trusted guide and your biggest cheerleader. I’m with you every step of the way to ensure you are confident and prepared to deliver a transformational message. 

If you feel like your best ideas are stuck inside you, or that words disappear when you need them most, or you’re afraid of what others will think if you speak your truth...we need to talk. 

Life is short; our messages and revolutionary ideas are too important to leave unexpressed. 

Let’s chat to determine your desires and how I can help.

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