REAL Conversations is an audience-engaged speaker series held at the Harris Center for the Arts in Folsom. 

Each season, we curate a lineup of influential speakers or panelists who possess expertise in various fields, ensuring a diverse range of topics to captivate and inspire our audience. Our goal is to create space for curiosity-driven conversation - and an antidote to the echo chambers that limit our viewpoints. 

We believe in the power of dialogue to engage, stimulate, and unite people. To that end, the REAL Conversations Speaker Series is deliberately formatted to foster audience participation as an enhancement to the conversation hosted on stage, providing an inclusive environment for individuals to listen deeply and ask their lingering questions while exploring the different viewpoints and lived experiences of our guests and audience members.

We have witnessed the growing interest and sell-out attendance at annual, speaker-oriented events such as TEDxFolsom, HER Women's Conference, and National Geographic LIVE.

The REAL Conversations Speaker Series delivers a year-round infusion of thought-provoking discussions with the added benefit of a more intimate, audience-engaged environment to compliment those larger, stand-alone events. 

Our region is an ever-developing hub, attracting residents and visitors who crave a fresh take on thought leadership, education, health, innovation, nature, history and the arts. We provide a platform that meets Greater Folsom’s demand for forums where individuals from all walks of life can connect, share ideas, and even challenge perspectives without driving to Sacramento, Davis, or the Bay Area to access a regular speaker series. 


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