Get the Complimentary REAL Framework - Four Keys to Speaking with Authenticity and Power

Jen is a master at creating and holding space for women. Join her relational events where every person is seen, heard, known, and valued. Emerge feeling equipped and transformed!

Upcoming Events

An evening of highly connective networking in a supportive environment; women helping one another to find and elevate their voices.

This is not your average "networking" event! Each evening we feature a guest speaker for a short talk to equip you with an important tool or resource for your life or business. 

Thursday November 3, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Granite City Coworking, Folsom, CA

Women's Connective Gatherings

What if that “fear” of public speaking is actually something more - the real feeling of your power? What if you could partner with the creative energy that rushes through your body rather than fight against it?

You can, and I’ll show you how in this month’s masterclass.

Transform People-Pleasing to Authentic Presence
Thursday September, 29 5:30 PM PST

WomanSpeak™ Masterclass