Get the Complimentary REAL Framework - Four Keys to Speaking with Authenticity and Power

Through workshops, retreats, and one-to-one coaching, Jen elevates and amplifies a person’s truest voice - helping them bring vital desires, ideas, and lived experiences to light.

Your voice matters!

Express yourself with authenticity and power in any situation.

Redirect speaking "nerves" to support your message

Never find yourself at a loss for words again

Speak in the way that is most true to YOU

Perhaps you sugar-coat your words or selectively avoid subjects rather than communicate accurately and assertively. Maybe, you don’t hear your own voice…because it has been crowded out by the chatter in your head, the input of others, the culture, and so on.

Do you slip into people-pleasing and performance mode when it is time to speak? You want to show up REAL, but when the time comes, you cave and don't articulate that you actually feel, need, or want.

Are your relationships weakened by an inability to speak your truth? 

Jen is a master at creating and holding space for women. Join her relational group experiences where every person is seen, heard, known, and valued. Emerge feeling equipped and transformed!

Events / Retreats

Bring your body and soul into your speaking, not just your mind and intellect. Surround yourself with women who value truth and vulnerability in community.

WomanSpeak™  Workshops

Enhance your natural speaking style while eliminating that which hinders your message. Jen puts you at ease with personalized coaching instead of the typical, formulaic methods. 

Coaching (1:1)

your truest voice.


Watching you blossom and bring voice to your story and message is a gift beyond measure! 

TEDx Speaker, Author and CEO

Julia A. Nicholson

“Even after speaking in front of large audiences for over 25 years, Jen helped me achieve the perfect tone, focus, and flow for one of the most important talks I've ever given.”  


April Anderson

"Jennifer was great to work with, very responsive and listened to what we needed to have presented, current challenges and tailored the sessions to meet our needs."

Engage in a life-altering collaboration where we elevate and amplify your voice, message, and delivery in a manner that is unique and authentic to YOU.

Confidence + Joy

I only present my offerings to qualified clients. That exclusivity is rooted in honoring that which YOU express a specific need or desire for.

Discuss Offerings

Book a call with me, and let’s establish a connection. I want to understand your goals and concerns to determine how to best serve you.

Exploratory Call

How it works

I am a white, hetero woman with a history of Christian and conservative influences. My lived experience was rooted in economic security and patriarchal institutions, creating a comfortable echo chamber where my existing views were neatly reinforced. I decided to expand my perspective.

This podcast is "the antidote to the echo chamber" - a space to challenge old paradigms and assumptions through candid conversations with others.

Listen to weekly episodes and join the conversation!

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